Door KOLORI A DG Ash patina

Door KOLORI A DG Ash patina

Door KOLORI A DG Ash patina

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Kolori A is a door from the Kolori collection with a solid wood frame. The body is made of MDF panels 3 mm thick. The canvas is filled with corrugated cardboard cells. Eco-veneer covering, imitates the texture of natural wood. This type of construction makes interior doors light and durable.

Kolori A is an interior door with a smooth leaf that looks good thanks to its harmonious minimalist style. Kolori A interior doors are suitable for installation both in office premises and as room doors.

If you need a combination with and without glass, then we offer Kameja - a door with glass - Ash patina tone, which goes well with the Kolori A door without glass.


  • Glass type: Deaf
  • Color: Ash patina
  • Coating type: Veneer
  • Blade thickness: 34 mm
  • Set: leaf, door frame, hinges, lock ABLOY 2014


  • canvas 60cm - door with box ~ 203x65cm
  • canvas 70cm - door with box ~ 203x75cm
  • canvas 80cm - door with box ~ 203x85cm
  • canvas 90cm - door with box ~ 203x95cm

* The color tone may differ slightly from the picture.

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