Door FORTIS R Gold alder

Door FORTIS R Gold alder

Door FORTIS R Gold alder

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Fortis R doors from the Fortis collection. The door leaf consists of a solid pine frame and MDF filler made of HDF panels by CraftMaster (USA). The difference from other collections is that the canvas is covered with a durable PVC Deluxe film using a vacuum press. The surface is resistant to moisture, direct sunlight and external damage.

PVC Deluxe cover is an artificial material made from natural raw materials. Doors with such a coating are difficult to distinguish from doors made of solid wood or covered with natural veneer.

If you need to install several identical doors, PVC Deluxe coating is best suited, since all doors will not have differences in color - shades and structure of the coating.

PVC doors are available in Deluxe colors - Gold alder

We offer solid doors (without glass) or doors with frosted glass with a pattern.


  • Type: Deaf glass
  • Color: Gold alder
  • Film type: PVC Deluxe
  • Blade thickness: 34 mm
  • Set: leaf, door frame, hinges, lock ABLOY 2014
  • Qty: 1 set.


  • canvas 60cm - door with box ~ 203x65cm
  • canvas 70cm - door with box ~ 203x75cm
  • canvas 80cm - door with box ~ 203x85cm
  • canvas 90cm - door with box ~ 203x95cm

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